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About Hanna Instruments

It all started in 1978 in Italy, where our founders, Oscar, and Anna Nardo, set out to make science testing accessible to everyone! Fast forward to today, Hanna Instruments is now led by Martino Nardo and Pamela Nardo, son and daughter of our founders. We strive to create testing equipment that is easy-to-use, accurate, and readily available

Hanna Equipments (India) Pvt. Ltd. serves as the official representative of Hanna Instruments in India, maintaining its headquarters in Navi Mumbai to cultivate stronger connections with Indian customers and provide comprehensive local support


We Innovate, Design & Develop Instruments Inhouse

We believe in controlling the quality of our products from their inception to delivery.

  • Casing, Injection, Rubber Molding

    Hanna designs and manufactures all of our instrument casings, custom cases and inserts, solution and reagent bottles and rubberized shockproof boots.

  • Electronics

    Our electronics department mounts and connects the electronic components onto our custom circuit boards. The boards are then tested and installed into our instruments.

  • Glass Blowing

    Our glass blowing department combines artistry and science to create our electrodes. Glass is heated and shaped within strict tolerances by hand in both of our facilities in Nusfalau, Romania and Rhode Island, USA.

Better Testing Starts With Hanna

Today, Hanna manufactures over 3,500 products in production facilities located in the USA, Romania, Italy and Mauritius.

Simplicity at it's finest

We've made testing easier than ever! Our products are intuitive and user-friendly.

Results you can count on!

We take quality, accuracy, and reliability seriously. Achieve precise and consistent readings with our testing equipment.

Testing tools for everyone

From our testers and portable meters to our benchtops and titrators, we have a testing solution for you.

Over 3,000 products crafted in Italy, the United States, Romania, and Mauritius.

We operate in 47 countries around the globe, ensuring exceptional levels of customer service and support.

India Headquarters : Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Branches : Delhi, Chennai & Bengaluru

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Navi Mumbai PAN India

  • 3,000
  • 47

We've been doing this for over 45 years and counting!

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We operate in 47 countries around the globe, ensuring exceptional levels of customer service and support.